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This site sells tickets for the upcoming advertised events.

1.  How  do  I  find  information about the upcoming events and online
tickets purchasing?

  In  order  to  view  the list of the upcoming events click on the link
  called  "Events,"  which  will  take  you  to  the page containing the
  descriptions  for  all  of  the  upcoming events. In order to view the
  details  about  a  specific  event  click  on the name of the event of
  interest,  which will take you to another page describing the selected
  event.  To  find  out  more  information  about  the  venue in which a
  particular  event  is  going  to  take place, click on the name of the
  venue.  Once you select an event you may purchase the tickets for this
  event by selecting an option called "Buy tickets."

2. How do I receive the tickets purchased online?

  Two  options  are  available  to receive the tickets purchased online.
  First,  the  tickets can be mailed directly to you prior to the day of
  the event. It is important to note that the tickets will not be mailed
  directly  to  you  with  less  than  SEVEN days left before the event.
  Second,  the  tickets  can be picked up at the venue on the day of the
  event. Note that no holding fee will be applied to the tickets held at
  the  venue  for pick up on the day of the event. You will receive this
  information  in  the  conformation email after purchasing the tickets.
  ShowSale.com  DOES  NOT  set  the  prices  for  the tickets. Purchased
  tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. In the case of a cancellation
  of  the  event, 100% of the ticket price will be refunded. If you have
  further  questions about purchasing tickets online please feel free to
  contact us.

3. How do I find out about the availability and the cost of the tickets?

  In  order  to find the information about the availability and the cost
  of  the  tickets  for  an  event select an option called "Buy tickets"
  located  on  the page describing the event of interest. This link will
  take  you  to  the  ticket-purchasing  page with information about the
  specific event, the place and the time of this event, as well as a map
  of  the  venue where the event is going to be held. In the case when a
  venue  is  composed  of  different  sections and/or levels, a map will
  reflect the positions of the different sections and levels relative to
  each  other  and  the  stage.  In  addition, the map of the venue will
  indicate  the price break down for the tickets relative to the section
  of  your  interest.  In  order  to  view  the information about ticket
  availability  and  price in a specific section click on the section of
  interest  or on the name of this section. This link will take you to a
  page  which  will give detailed information about the selected section
  as  well  as location and availability of the seats for which you have
  the  option of buying the tickets. Each seat will have a corresponding
  row  number,  which  can be found in the left column, and seat number,
  which  is written directly on the corresponding seat. The right column
  will  indicate  the ticket price for a particular row. Available seats
  are indicated by the clear squares, while sold seats are shown by blue

4. How do I order the tickets online?

  In  order  to  order  the  tickets online you must select the specific
  seat(s)  on  the page that displays the section of interest. This will
  place  a check mark on the selected seat(s). While on this page, it is
  possible  to  freely  check  and uncheck any available seats. Once you
  have  finalized  the selection and wish to order the tickets for those
  seats  you  must click a link called "Add to the shopping cart," which
  will  allow  those tickets to be added to your shopping cart. Once you
  have  added  your  selection to your shopping cart, these seats become
  reserved and unavailable for purchase for a period of FIFTEEN minutes.

5. How to I view my shopping cart?

  In  order to view your shopping cart select the option "Shopping cart"
  from  the page called "Online ticket purchasing." This link will allow
  you  to  view  your  order, which will include the list of the ordered
  tickets  with  the name of the event(s), the selected section, row and
  seat  numbers, as well as the price and the number of tickets ordered.
  The total ticket price can be found at the bottom of the list. Next to
  each  selected ticket there is an option called "Delete," which allows
  you  to  cancel  your  order  of  any particular ticket. Once you have
  selected this option, the corresponding seat will become available for
  purchasing  by other customers. If you would like to cancel the entire
  order  at  once  select  the  option called "Clear the shopping cart,"
  which  is located at the bottom of the page. On the other hand, if you
  would  like  to add additional tickets to your order select the option
  called  "Add to the shopping cart." Once you have finalized your order
  you have the option to pay for your order online.

6. How do I pay for my order online?

  In  order to pay for the order in your shopping cart enter the cite as
  a  User.  Each User must have a unique User name and password in order
  to pay for the tickets online. This information can be obtained online
  by creating a personal account. The same User name and password should
  be  used  each  time  you enter the cite to purchase tickets. Once you
  established an account you can enter this account by entering the User
  name and password at the top right corner of the page called "Shopping
  cart"        and        selecting        the       option       called
  "Cart"   Upon  successful  login  the  page
  should  display the list of the tickets you wish to purchase. In order
  to  pay  for  the  ordered  tickets select the option called "Pay" and
  follow the instructions on online payments.

7. How do I register for the User account?

  The  User  name  is  your  email  address and the User password should
  consist  of  any combination of 5-15 alphanumeric characters. In order
  to  set  up a new account select the option called "New user" which is
  located  next  to the login option on the page called "Shopping cart."
  This  link  will take you to the registration page where you will fill
  out a form called "New user registration." The fields that a marked in
  red   ask  for  the  required  information  and  must  me  filled  out
  completely.  It  is  also  recommended to fill out all other fields on
  this  form in order to avoid any possible confusion with receiving the
  tickets.  Upon  the  completion  of  this registration form select the
  option  called  "Register."  Make  sure you remember the User name and
  password you enter on this form.

8. How long will the tickets remain on reserve in my shopping cart?

  Tickets  remain  on  reserve  in  your  shopping  cart for a period of
  FIFTEEN  minutes.  During  this time you must pay for these tickets in
  order  to  secure  the  corresponding  seats.  If  the  payment is not
  received during this period of time, the tickets will automatically be
  cleared from your shopping cart and become once again available to the
  public.  We  ask that you delete the tickets you are not interested in
  from  your  shopping  cart  as soon as possible in order to give other
  customers the chance to purchase those tickets.
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