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Jan 26 / 20:00
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Jan 27 / 19:00
The 2nd Russian Imperial Charity Ball in Los Angeles
Feb 03 / 22:00
Feb 21 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Carla Bruni in Concert

Carla Bruni in Concert

Los Angeles, CA

February 21, 2018 8:00PM Orpheum Theatre

Carla Bruni -a French singer, ex-first lady, and former model will cross the Atlantic with her new album in 2018.

The singer will perform in Los Angeles on Feb.21.
Her album, French Touch, brings together classics from English rock in a rendition unique to the former model.
She sings a surprising version of Highway to Hell by AC/DC in a bossa nova style, and even Perfect Day by Lou Reed. This is Carla Brunis fifth album since her musical debut in 1997.

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