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Nov 24 / 20:00
Элтон ДЖОН - Прощальный тур
Dec 01 / 20:00
Las Vegas
Andrea Bocelli in Concert
Dec 02 / 19:00
Los Angeles
Marc Anthony in Concert
Dec 15 / 16:30
«Новогодние приключения трех поросят»
Dec 15 / 20:00
Andrea Bocelli in Concert
Dec 15 / 20:30
Los Angeles
IL DIVO in "Timeless" Tour
Dec 16 / 19:00
Los Angeles
Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream - Dec.13-16
Dec 23 / 11:00
West Hollywood
“Потерянная Жемчужина” 22 и 23 декабря
Dec 23 / 19:00
Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream - Dec.19-23
Jan 06 / 19:00
Long Beach
Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream - Jan.3-6
Jan 12 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Новогодние встречи звезд
Jan 16 / 20:00
Элтон ДЖОН - Прощальный тур
Jan 19 / 20:00
San Jose
Элтон ДЖОН - Прощальный тур
Jan 23 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Элтон ДЖОН - Прощальный тур
Jan 29 / 20:00
San Diego
Элтон ДЖОН - Прощальный тур
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Winter Wonderland Christmas-Eve

Hollywood, CA

December 24, 2017 10:00PM Playhouse Nightclub Hollywood

It's hard to believe that 2017 is already coming to an end. Prepare to party at everyone's favorite and most popular nightclub in Hollywood. We proudly invite you to the ultimate entertainment playground with the sexiest people, hottest DJ's, and the best vibe. Finish the year off with the Reunion, all your friends, and on the top of the world at PLAYHOUSE HOLLYWOOD!
Лучшие Диджеи, Дед Мороз, Снегурочка, Конкурсы и подарки! 
Дресс-код: В Белом! Самая яркая вечеринка года! 
We're looking for the naughtiest Santa's little helper of 2017! This year, the roles will be reversed, and Santa will be getting the gift. Whoever gives Santa the sexiest lap dance will win a VIP table with a bottle for her and her friends for the entire night! 
Where: Playhouse Hollywood- 6506 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 
When: Sunday, December 24th doors open at 10PM 

Contact: 818-377-2101


Playhouse Nightclub Hollywood

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