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Dec 16 / 20:00
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Russian Grand Ballet:
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Dec 24 / 22:00
Winter Wonderland Christmas-Eve

Russian Grand Ballet:

San Diego, CA

October 24, 2017 7:30PM Copley Symphony Hall

Only one opportunity to see the Russian Grand Ballet's full-length classical production of one of the world's most famous ballet - Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, including the rarely seen Waltz of the Black Swans, and featuring Russia's brightest ballet stars.
Odette, a beautiful princess, falls under the spell of an evil sorcerer. Only Prince Siegfried's devotion can save her. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake combines pure romanticism and tragedy, in a magical tale of love and deception. The glorious score and gravity-defying choreography have enchanted audiences for over a century, and continue to inspire new generations of dancers and music lovers of all ages.

Tickets: "http://ticketsr.com/index.php?op=event&id=2000&pages=4&lang=english"

Contact: 818-377-2101

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