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Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

Los Angeles, CA

December 11, 2016 2:00PM Freud Playhouse, UCLA

The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a family-oriented blend of the unique comedy and juggling skills of Gregory Popovich, and the talents of his furry costars.
There are more than 30 pets in the show, each one has been rescued from animal shelters and given a new leash on life! They love to perform their skills and stunts on stage. We have new additions to the show as well a goat duo Kurt and Helgo, and a special guest star Mr. Diamond, the miniature horse! Gregory Popovich has shared his expertise for raising, training and living harmoniously with pets in two book You CAN Train Your Cat and Doggy Gone Good. Gregory has also produced and starred in a feature film now available for purchase.

Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West has already won several awards including Audience Choice Award at the Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles, and International Film Festival in Austin, TX . Gregory himself has been voted in Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year

For Tickets CALL 818.377.2101 - "http://www.ticketsr.com/index.php?op=tickets&id=1723"

Contact: 818-377-2101

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